Business Coaching | Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you looking for an experienced Business Coach?

Are you fed up with talking to inexperienced coaches?

Just want to talk to someone who has been there and actually created a successful business?

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I don’t do normal, I refuse to grab a template and walk you through it like other “dial a business coach franchises”! Let’s be honest, you can download a heap of self help templates and work through them yourself.

If you are looking for a no nonsense approach from someone who has actually created successful businesses, experienced a failure and picked themselves back up again, then you have come to the right place.

My approach is unique in that I start where you are stuck and work with you to craft a sustainable way forward. Along the way together,  will review the problems you have encountered and work out long term fixes to create a solid foundation for your business from which to continue to grow.

More specifically we will focus on

  • Opportunity evaluation, a look at the market in which you are operating in and looking at unique ways to drive your business.
  • Financial health, making sure the numbers stack up so you can fund your growth
  • Marketing strategy, both online and offline
  • Local Area Marketing, and not just brochures, but a long term networking and affiliate marketing strategy

Most importantly, creating a dashboard from which to measure the results of the changes being introduced to move your business forward.

Why not give us a call on  1300 946 227 and have a coffee on us and let’s look at how we can help you with no obligation.

 In the meantime down load a copy of my ebooks, each book is 80 pages of easy to read insightful business tips that I personally use everyday to drive my business.


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