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How to leverage your email signature to drive your marketing.

How to set up an email signature that grabs attentions and drives marketing

Why should you care I hear you say?

Because it’s FREE marketing space that why, it is a chance to tell people about what is happening in your business such as

  • Latest blogs
  • Special offers
  • Exciting news
  • Pages on your website they should visit

Here is an example of your current email signature probably looks like



Susan s#$%%^     

17 Business  Drive (PO Box 2855)

Mytown  Vic  3198

Ph:    03 8770 1111

Fax:  03 8770 2222


Zzzzzz fail, boring

Why not do something like this and be brave use different colours to create effect.


Your name goes here

Tim Stannage

Business Consulting and Marketing Services

My address and contact details (yes boring but important)

Now here is the secret, don’t stop there use this space below to really convince them to use your business.
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P.P.S I Just finished reading “Cut the Crap – teach me how to market my business” by Tim Stannage – a fantastic book. It is free to download on his website if you want to create a marketing plan you should download your free copy

P.P.P.S here is a cool YouTube video I though you might enjoy.translation in frenchдля сжатого