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Do you need a clear marketing plan for your business?

Are you struggling to write a marketing plan that will drive your business forward?

Are you confused about what a successful Local Area Marketing strategy looks like?

Does your business have a sound marketing strategy and clearly documented marketing objectives to make sure next financial year is a more successful one, or will you continue to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?
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A marketing strategy is a road map that details how you will spend your limited resources to grow your business and should be an opportunity to take the time to really focus on where you want to take your business and who your target market really is.
Your finished marketing strategy session should produce a marketing plan that clearly identify the different ways you can connect with your customers, and concentrate on the ones that will create most sales using the various such as EDM, social media, websites, paid adverts, print media and dont under estimate podcasts and videos to connect and grow your business.
Your marketing strategy should be a time when you stop BS’ing yourself and really look at your business and how successful or not your current marketing is working for you.
Here are the key things I focus on when working with a client to develop a clear marketing plan during a marketing strategy session:
  1. What is it? Not just your product but what does it do, how does it influence or affect the target customer
  2. What does it do? Not just to obvious, what immediate and long term benefit do it solve,
  3. What is the value proposition? What is the need, what problem are you solving or pain they suffer that you can fix.
  4. Who is the customer? Do you really understand the sphere of influence in your business? Your customer is not just the obvious, your product or service is has a far greater impact so your message should be aimed at someone who is also affected in either a positive or negative way so they become influencers in the buying process.
  5. What is the distribution strategy? Not just your sales channel, but marketing channels and how will they find it?
  6. Who are advocates of your product and brand that your can leverage?
  7. Who are affiliates of your brand or product?
  8. What are the risk factors in failing or succeeding and how do they affect the business?
  9. Do you have the right resources around you to make it happen?

If you are still confused or want expert advice, then give me a call on 1300 946 337, and let’s start with a cup of coffee and go from there.

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