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What you can learn from balloon pilots when launching your business. | how to launch a business

Do you want to learn how to launch a business?

Waiting for the perfect conditions to start rarely happens and will significantly impact your plans.

Ballooning from the ground looks graceful and peaceful but a lot of prep work goes in before a balloonist takes flight as once they are up there they have very little control of their destination as the wind caries them to where they will eventually land and often not where they expected to be.

how to launch a business,

Often it is only the skill of the pilot that saves the passengers from disaster.

Here is their pre flight checklist that you should understand and adapt to your business.

  • Before launching, balloon pilots have to call a weather service to find out about climate and wind conditions in an area. Now this is a bit tricky for you but you should have an understanding of the current business conditions in your area, what events such as Christmas or school holidays that you can leverage off.
  • Pilots only fly when the weather is close to ideal — when skies are clear and wind conditions are normal. Business conditions are as good as they will ever be so get ready to launch now just have a clear strategy for your launch marketing.
  • Storms are extremely hazardous for hot air balloons, because of the danger of a lightning strike. Even rain is a problem. Do you have a contingency plan for when things dont go as planned? I guarantee you will hit some road blocks and pot holes on your journey to get your business moving.
  • They need to get a rough idea of which way the balloon will travel, and how they should man-oeuvre once they’re in the air. Just like driving a car you know where you want to end up but you cant always allow for traffic conditions, so be prepared to adjust your strategy on the run to suit conditions.
  • Pilot often send up a test piball (short for pilot balloon). A piball is just a balloon filled with helium that the pilot releases to see the exact direction of the wind at a prospective launch site. If it looks like the wind would take the balloon into prohibited air space, the crew needs to find a new launch spot. If the current market conditions dont seem ideal, maybe consider relocating to a more viable market.
  • In the air, the pilot will use an on-board altimetervariometer and their own observations to find the right altitude. What reporting tools will you be using to guide your business and measure what is working for you and what is not.
  • Reaching the right altitude is pretty tricky because there is at least a 30-second delay between blasting the burners and the balloon actually lifting. Balloon pilots have to operate the appropriate controls just a little bit before they want to rise, and shut them off a little bit before they want to stop rising. Dont expect immediate results, success take time, you have to lay foundations and create connections to ensure the local community knows you exist.
  • Inexperienced pilots often overshoot, rising too high before leveling off. Controlled operation comes only with many hours of ballooning experience. The same is true for business owners, the mistakes we make provide us with the knowledge and confidence to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward.

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