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Marketing and Business Workshops designed for small business owners just like you.

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Whether you’re a marketing novice or expert, staying on top of the latest changes in social and digital media is a daily challenge.

You must be able to analyze customer feedback, customize strategies, and exploit new technology. Through a series of Marketing and Business Workshops, Tim Stannage is offering you the chance to learn some of the secrets that has helped him create 3 successful businesses and why national franchise brands seek him out to execute their marketing.

This series of one day marketing and business workshops are a mix of easy to learn skills that will help you boost your confidence with your marketing skills, and learn how to extend your marketing reach.

Each month a new topic will delve into the latest business and marketing tools designed to help you create innovative solutions that you can implement the next day, this is a hands-on interactive experience, with dynamic discussions about your business encouraged.

You’ll learn how to identify new marketing opportunities, plan your social and digital marketing strategy, and reach more customers with the right message than you thought possible.

Upcoming marketing training seminars

Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th Only

Limited to 6 people per session.
  1. Understanding how to get more customers – opp eval
  2. Social Media Marketing: Advanced Strategies and Tactics – dark posts_ paid ads
  3. What is local area marketing and how can i dominate in my area.
  4. How to create a Marketing Strategy

Why you should attend

You will learn to:

  • Develop, defend, and execute solid marketing strategies that drive corporate success
  • Focus your efforts and maximize your return on investment in marketing
  • Incorporate market feedback into your marketing plan to gain a competitive advantage
  • Take advantage of new communication channels that advance your strategy

Program highlights

  • Thinking “outside-in” by first understanding the customer and then building a plan
  • Improving familiarity with marketing strategy terminology and execution
  • Defining and targeting market segments
  • Positioning your offering or brand
  • Maintaining focus on the customer
  • Exploring the marketing mix that best fits your business’s goals
  • Exploring how to leverage social media and other new channels
  • Managing the risks of network or word-of-mouth marketing
  • Understanding your customer through social listening

Who should enroll

You if you are serious about moving your business forward, this is an interactive program designed for small business owners just like you, who want a firmer grasp on how to create a marketing strategy, and drive sales to their businesses.

July Business Workshops

How to build innovation into your business strategy

Today’s top companies succeed by making innovation a habit. Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Uber, and other industry leaders continue to build breakthrough strategies that reshape markets, deliver greater value at a lower cost, redefine channels, and force incumbents to scramble.

In this one day workshop, you’ll learn the strategies that market-leading companies use to build innovation into their businesses. Using real-world examples, you’ll learn how to develop winning strategies and strengthen your business’s ability to drive innovation. Individual and group exercises provide hands-on opportunities to apply new approaches to your organization’s unique strategy challenges.

Why you should attend

  • Build innovation into the strategy development process
  • Design innovative, go-to-market strategies that fuel growth
  • Create more value and secure a competitive advantage
  • Identify and exploit new markets that are uncontested
  • Apply creative strategies to market your business offerings

Program highlights

  • Exploring the habits of today’s “new innovators”
  • Bringing diverse talent together to spark new ideas
  • Fostering innovative strategies, eliminating obstacles, and managing risk
  • Ensuring that innovation remains a strategic priority
  • Driving innovation across the organization
  • Hiring and partnering for successful innovation
  • Measuring success in achieving innovation goals

Who should enroll

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to improve their businesses ability to create meaningful and innovative strategies.

You will learn how to develop new revenue sources, for startups about to launch, and those looking to release new offerings.

To attend this session no specific training is required, participants however you should have a basic understanding of marketing.

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